Friday, February 27, 2009


Well, it if Friday and this week has exhausted me. After sitting in the tiny Dr.'s office being coughed on for an hour and a half, can you imagine that I am now sick? Well, my voice is tired, my nose is running, and I am just exhausted! Thank goodness it is Friday. It sure doesn't feel like I had an extra day off this week.

I did start a new workout regimine and have totally overhauled my eating habits. I have managed to have zero, zip, zilch, nada Diet Coke since Tuesday! I cannot believe that I have survived this long. I don't really crave it as much as I thought I would, but it has been tough.

I worked out two days in a row, and have been watching what I eat for 3 days. Things have gone great so far. I just hope I don't give in. I don't believe that I will, but, I'm trying to prove to myself that I can do it. I know I will feel better.

So, I am looking forward to this weekend, not for the usual reasons. I want to go home and go to bed. I know this won't happen, but I can dream, right? I am definitely sleeping in tomorrow though! I will have to have a talk with the kids and a lesson on how to pour cereal! (J/K!)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I forgot, this is a funny story. When the Dr. walked into the office yesterday, he started messing with the kids. (He usually does this, trying to be funny.) He looks at Sofia, and says, "Hi Darius!" Of course Darius pipes up and says, "I'm Darius!" They kind of go back and forth and then the Dr. sits down and says, 'Well, Darius. Your girlfriend called me and told me that you broke up with her and she says she still loves you and wanted me to tell you." Darius is truly convinced that Hayley is his girlfriend. (She is 19 and a freshman in college!) We all went on a "date" to the Olive Garden and he'll never forget it! It kind of worries me because he keeps asking when she is coming to spend the night again!

So, Darius kind of argues with him, and looked at him like how does he know I have a girlfriend? After we got home, Darius wanted me to call Hayley because he needed to find out if she really called his Dr. He kept saying, "that Dr. is a joke, and he is playing a joke on me. If she didn't really call him, then he is just a joke!"

Oh, kids!!!

Weekend Update

We enjoyed a fantastic weekend, aside from the fact that Darius had a fever off and on. We of course didn't think much of it, but then it was accompanied by a cough, and by Sunday night, he was beating on his ear. He started hitting the side of his head and complaining that his cheek was burning on the side that his ear hurt. Of course I had to call the Dr. Monday morning, which is never a fun thing. We made it there by 9:45am, and the Dr. took one look at Sofia too, and said he would like to take a look at her as well. (By now, she had the cough too.)

So, an hour and a half later, we left, headed to K-Mart to pick up the prescriptions and went home, and had spent $150.00 between copays and the rx. Great start to the week! :)

Friday night, Ewan came home, and I started "helping" with a project he had for school. I was helping him print them and put tabs on the notebook if that counts as helping. It was nice to just be able to work with him, and have him home! He has been so busy. He worked on the project all weekend, we didn't make it to church since Darius was sick and he was STILL working on the project. :(

So, by Sunday night, he was still working on it, and I had to go to Darius' soccer meeting, yeah, the team that Ewan is coaching, but I have no idea how he will have time! He had to go to work because they shut down the website on Sunday nights, and he was going to help his team at work. He got home after midnight and then we got back to working on the project.

Needless to say, it was a crazy weekend, but I think we all enjoyed being home and together. The kids are now on the road to recovery, both taking their inhalers and Darius the amoxicillin. Now I am back to work and exhausted. It's going to take me the entire week to catch up, but of course I am still looking forward to the weekend to do it all over again. Hopefully minus the project and any illnesses!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Workout Escape

Today has been great. I slept in until 10:30am! Woo-hoo! And then, Ewan and I actually got to escape and get a work out in, and go to Walmart. (Yeah, that was fun.) But, it was just nice to geta away and be in the car alone with him. The kids take up so much of our time, we really have to set aside time for eachother, even if it is a workout! It does help me when he works out because it is usually a longer workout than if I went alone!

Now, E is making some homemade chicken soup for Darius who is fighting a terrible cough, and it looks like his little sister is right behind in the illness area.

We have big plans to relax, and watch some movies tonight. I am definitely enjoying the weekend so far.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where are we headed? Into the future! What does the future hold?????

The conference went very well. :) Sofia is doing a fantastic job at preschool and is doing a much better job reaching out to other children and interracting during group play. She has fantastic cutting skills, and can write her name if she looks at it in front of her. (I think she can do this without looking too, you just have to tell her what letter comes next.) So proud of both of the kids and their hard work since the start of the school year. Time to add another? Just kidding. I am still trying to get over my baby fever illness, but I am sure I will get over that soon! The time just isn't right anyway and I think that our family is complete. I am just not totally convinced yet. That is to be discussed at a later date.

I am now watching High School Musical 3 with Sofia, waiting for Darius to get off the bus. What is with Gabrielle and Troy always ending up dancing in the rain. Isn't there something new that they can do, or does everyone like seeing the two of them dripping wet?

Still looking forward to what the future has to hold for this family, despite any bumps we might run into along the way. I know that we are all headed in the right direction and look to every new day to inspire what I should do next to contribute to this journey. We've been living day by day, trying to come up with new things to keep us busy. Right now, it's watching Corbin Bleu ask Taylor to the prom in front of the entire East High lunch room. I have seen every HSM movie and can you believe that I can never remember curly headed dude's name? It's just Corbin Bleu.
And, I must admit, I love watching him in Flight 29 Down. If you have never seen the show, you should check it out on Discovery Kids! The Junior version of Lost. Fun, fun, fun!


Today is Sofia's Preschool P/T Conference. I am looking forward to seeing what her teacher has to say about her this time. Of course I wasn't shocked at the last conference when she told me that Sofia is very shy and they are trying to get her to make friends. The girl is super shy around others, but could drive everyone silly at home. She runs and plays and attacks her brother, and talks WAY too much. The teacher even asked me if she had any problems with her speech because she said so little at school! Ha ha!

I actually went and visited her in class for her Valentine's Day party and snuck around to watch her play. She looked like she was running around having a great time. In fact, she was wearing a firefighter hat! My mom ran into someone that has a daughter in Sofia's class. Her name is Sofia too, only it is... Sophia!) I guess her mom said that she is very shy too, but they have had problems with her wanting to take the toys home. (I don't think the girls lacks any toys at home either!!)

We'll see how today goes!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To take a nap, or write a blog...

Well, I choose both! I am extremely sleepy today and stayed up entirely too late again last night. Ewan has been so busy with school, that I enjoy just making time to be in his company, but that usually means staying up too late. (For both of us!) I wake up at 5:50am now, so staying up late is a little more difficult these days. It used to be one of my favorite things to do!

We chose to watch Man vs. Wild. Bear Grylls never ceases to amaze us with what he eats, and it always provokes discussions on what we personally would do in those situations, etc... Well, last night, he ate fruit that he dug out of bear poop. How disgusting is that? I mean, he ate one piece, and talked about how "sharp" it was, and then proceeded to keep at it, like he was eating it out of a fruit snack pack or something! Come on Bear! I haven't decided which is worse...eating that, or the rotting insides of a dead animal that has been decomposing for who knows how long. As much as I think it is great that he is "teaching us" how to survive in different areas and elements, I think I'd only last as long as I could find "real food." I don't think I would ever bite the head off of a fish straight fromt he stream in order to stay alive. Who knows. I guess you can't say it until you've been there.

Sofia is going to watch Zaboomafoo! Woo-hoo! Then, after she settles down a little, hopefully she will be ready for a nap, and I'll get mine!! That would be fantastic!
We also watched some more of our St. Lucia DVD's last night and it made me miss it that much more. :( The kids were so little, and that doesn't help with my baby fever diagnosis. I am really hoping that I get over that soon!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Where in the World is Matt Lauer? Hopefully St. Lucia!!!

I am trying to help Ewan and his friend out. I told him that I would make an effort to help St. Lucia gain some votes!! Some of you may be familiar with the segment, Where in the World is Matt Lauer, on The Today Show. Well, I need your help! Since E is from the beautiful island of St. Lucia and we have the opportunity to vote for the island as one of the destinations for Matt to visit in 2009, I am sure this island would love your vote. Here is the link...

Your help is very much appreciated!!! Please email the link to others if you have time. If you haven't visited, St. Lucia is an absolutely beautiful island and I can't wait to go back!! Hopefully

sooner rather than later!! Thanks again!!!

-Proud wife of a St. Lucian!

Sunday, Sunday

Today was a productive day. I haven't seen Darius all day since he had to go to Nanny's after church, so, it has been pretty quiet around the house. I am now watching a Lifetime Movie after waking up from a late nap.

I went to church this morning and took Darius into the service with me since I left Ewan and Sofia at home to sleep. (We stayed up ENTIRELY too late last night!) I really screwed up by waking up, and then taking such a late nap, since now I won't be ready for bed tonight!! Oh well. Good thing there is no work or school tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Sunday. Sorry no real news here, and I don't have anything exciting to report. A little on the boring side, but better luck next time!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tornado Dream (More like nightmare!)

I must add this dream before I forget it! Most people know that I have an extreme fear of tornado's...

I was in a training class for my current job at the VA. We had to break for lunch and I went to the mall where Mom was working, only, she wasn't working at Gymboree. She was working at Victoria's Secret. I went there to see her and we went to the food court. We knew that my cousin Misty was in town, and would see her later that day. I looked up and Misty was walking by in the food court. She brought her son Tanner to eat, and she had him sitting in the window at American Eagle. (There was a bench in the front window, I have no idea why he was eating there.) So, I waved to Misty and she came to say Hi, and then went to get Tanner from the window.

We hadn't started eating yet, and I realized I didn't have time to eat. My Mom told me that I would have time to eat cake and ice cream, and I got into a panic and explained to her that I couldn't be back to training late since it was my first week. I went running to her store to get my purse and I couldn't find it. When I did, I went flying for the mall exit and as soon as I opened the door and looked outside, there was a GIGANTIC tornado. I knew that it was headed right for the mall, and I was a complete wreck.

I went running back into Victoria's Secret and was asking everyone where my Mom was. I was crying and everyone was laying down in the floor inside the store. (I think in real life, you actually go into the hallways!) I remember so many people there. Everyone was packed in like sardines and I was just sobbing. Everyone else was totally quiet, dead silent. Except me. I was asking a million questions. I wanted to know where Misty and Tanner were inside the wall. I was telling everyone that this was all wrong. That we couldn't be inside the mall, because the tornado would just cause the entire place to collapse on us. I was gesturing to all the poles and racks in the mall, telling them that they were all just going to land on us.

Then, I woke up. I have no idea what happened. That's probably a good thing. I have so many dreams about tornado's. Most of them when I was pregnant. That's when they started anyway, and they really have never stopped. It's really annoying because they are so real. I don't think I ever die in the dreams. I always wake up before that. I like to think that some sort of miracle stops the tornado 's and that is why I am still here today. If I ever see a tornado in real life, I am quite sure I would pass out. I have never passed out before, but I think that would do it. I hope and pray that I will never see that day. Or anyone else in my family for that matter.

Darius and Sofia Babycenter Kidisms. (Crazy things they have said.)

These are from my Babycenter "Kidisms" website. Darius and Sofia say some pretty funny things and I add them there so that I can print them and put them in their baby books to save forever. It's easier to make myself save them than to write them down. I just wanted to share them here as well! Enjoy!

DH= Darling Husband
DD= Darling Daughter
DS= Darling Son

Watching the Super Bowl, my 6 yro DS wonders if the "Steelers" are going to have to go to jail.

My DH has coached college mens basketball for the past 5 years. He recently changed jobs, and a few months have gone by. DS (6 yrs.) asked out of the blue: "Why is there no more basketball in this town?" save nevermind

Last night, I was laying on the bed, pants and a bra on, my DS (6yrs) sees my "tah-too" and asks if it grew bigger and bigger. What was he implying? save nevermind

Eating at Chili's, I told DS to eat to make sure his stomach is full. DD spoke up and said, "No, food goes up your head, not down your stomach!"

I tell my 6 yr. old DS he is stepping on Baby Alive. He replies, "I guess we'll have to call it Baby Dead, huh?"

Don't worry mom, this is an electricianal show. (My DS, 6 yrs, Watching PBS, I think he meant educational! lol.)

My DD, Sofia, just said, "Oh, is he your husband? Yeah. Dad's our husband too."

We were sitting in the dr's office (it was pretty serious in there) and a boy who looked to be about 7 or 8 years old was digging in the toy basket, stood up, and proclaimed: "Hey, I remember who this guy is. His name is Puss! (Shrek cat!)

My Darius (6yrs.) and my Sofia (3yrs) arguing over the presidential election. My DS even started all out bawling when he learned that my Grandma did not vote for Obama, (like serious, real tears!) and my daughter proclaiming "Akain!" (McCain)

Sofia knocked over the milk and w/in 2 minutes later, she knocked over my pop. I said: "What is wrong with her?" Her 6 yr-old brother says: "Maybe she just got blind for a minute."

"Mommy, we ate the sand." (Sofia, shortly after she broke a St. Lucia magnet filled with sand!) "It's yummy!" I get up to check it out and she was eating out of a tiny bowl that had cinnamon and sugar in it. I had mixed it earlier today.

My 3 year old is holding our Yorkie, Lexi, and she says: "Mommy, Lexi is wiggling because she's cole." I think that is...she's shivering because she's cold!

"In the olden days, I liked to wear that." (The olden days, is Darius referring to last week.)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, my Valentine's Day was celebrated last night. I enjoyed a fabulous dinner at New City Cafe. (The place described in my birthday celebration blog.) Ewan and I keep meaning to make it our monthly retreat, but we missed last month, so we are starting over that tradition.
We started out with some delicious Caribbean Quesadilla's: Jerk Chicken with Monterrey Jack Cheese, Red and Green Peppers, Red Onions and Mango w/Cilantro sauce. Yummm!! I had the Monterrey Chipotle Chicken and Ewan had the Pork Tenderloin with Raspberry-Dijon Sauce. Both of which were excellent choices. But, Ewan talked me into a Mojito and it is definitely a favorite!! I really didn't think I would like it, but I ended up loving it. Yum! I don't drink often, but if I do, it usually involves rum, so I guess it was a perfect choice. It wasn't St. Lucian Rum, but, it passed.

Ewan made the kids some banana pancakes for breakfast, and I too, of course enjoyed them. I wanted to get a workout in today, but that didn't happen. :( Maybe tomorrow. I have definitely eaten way too much this weekend.

Darius wanted to go to his Nanny's today, so my Mom took him over. He was crying like a baby saying he missed her and he got his way. It was so quiet with him gone. Sofia was sleeping, so Ewan and I had peace and quiet. That was the best Valentine's Day gift ever!! Right now, they are fighting with some Star Wars swords and the T.V. is blasting. They need to wrap it up for bed, but we usually stay up late on the weekends. (Makes it tough to get up for church, but we always make it somehow!)

Sofia somehow decided today that she wanted to go to St. Lucia. TODAY. I told her that it didn't work that way and that we would have to go in a plane, and she said, "No, I want to go in the car." Needless to say, we didn't go to St. Lucia today.

It's 10pm and I have thoroughly enjoyed my day! It's time to curl up on the couch and go watch some Man vs. Wild with E! Good night!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Parent Teacher Conference

I arrived home from the parent-teacher conference. I was very proud of Darius and his hard work. The teacher had nothing but good to say. He is doing a fantastic job and is a great student. The last conference went well, but he did have a few No's marked and a few Needs Improvement, and it was positive across the board this time. Keep up the good work, Darius!!

Pre-Valentine's Day thoughts....

I can't believe that all of January went by and I haven't posted. I will work on that. That obviously wasn't my New Year's Resolution!

Well, we are already into 2009 as March is quickly approaching. I am still enjoying my new job, but the schedule can be tough at times. I am currently working 7am-11am. I am finally getting used to waking up early, but it will probably change again at the end of March. The schedules changes every 90 days and just when I get used to one schedule, it's time for a new one. As long as I can continue to work 20 hours, I won't complain. The time with Darius and Sofia is too precious. (Even though some days, they can drive me nutty because they don't quit talking!)

I have to go to Darius's 2nd Kindergarten conference today. I am anxious to see what Mrs. Switzsky has to say about his performance. We are very proud of his hard work at home, and think it is a lot of fun to watch him learn to read. He read an entire book to me Wedneday night. I think that kind of excited him.

It is 10:40am, which means only 20 minutes and I am outta here. I am trying to come up with some special things to do tomorrow for the kids. I want to cut out some little hearts and leave them all around the house, so that they find them all day... when they go to play, or go to the bathroom, get out their toothbrush, etc... Since they don't have school, we'll at least be home with them and I would love to watch them get excited.

Ewan and I are planning on going to New City Cafe tonight. Yummy. I am very excited about that. We have not had a lot of time lately to go out and enjoy each other's company. I know it is getting to me. We have to stop and make time for eachother. But, the kids will soon be grown and not around anymore. :( They just grow entirely too fast.

I am still eagerly awaiting planning another trip to St. Lucia. I am hoping that everything with Ewan's job works out and we can continue moving in the right direction. I am so very proud of him for his hard work on his Master's, striving to get straight A's. I don't know how he does it, but he does, and I am glad to be a part of it.

As for Valentine's Day.... I doubt if E and I will do much on the actual day. Neither one of us really gets into V-Day, which is okay with me. I would prefer to celebrate our love on other random days, when it is not expected, or a "retail holiday." What does it tell you when our favorite restaurant menu prices go from $18-$30 to $38-$45!!!!???? That's why we are going tonight!!!