Monday, May 4, 2009

Tornado Sirens...

I am listening to the sound of a tornado siren, and I have to say, it would probably be the # 1 sound that I hate the most. The sound of it just makes me visualize a dark, green sky and the tornado falling out of it. When I was walking to my car the other day, someone revved up their engine, and the initial sound, sounded just like when the tornado siren starts to sound and it literally made my heart stop, and I think it was beating about 3 times faster then it was just 5 seconds before. It's amazing what the sights, sounds and smells around you can do. That's one sound I can't stand hearing, and I am pretty much guaranteed to hear it once a week. That's a bummer.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Can I have my money now?

I knew there was something I was going to share. Yesterday, my Mom and the kids and I went to Arby's. They each had kid's meals, and when we were done eating, Sofia stood up next to me, and said, "Mom, can I have my money now? I had no idea what she was talking about and where this came from. The lady next to us about choked on her food. I mean, a 3 year old, so seriously asking a question like that. Like it was time for me to pass it out. It took me a minute, and then I figured out that they had coins in their kid's meals! They were colored coins that you could stick together. At least we got a giggle out of it! I definitely don't go around passing out money to my kids!

The Ant Farm

So, Target had Ant Farms for $1 each. They were tiny little containers with colored gel in them. Apparently, the ants can eat that gel, and it is their source of food and water. They eventually start making tunnels.

Capturing the ants is another story. Those things are fast, and do not want to crawl on what you put in front of them. We managed to catch 4 for each container. They all look a little stunned with their new surroundings. The instructions said to make sure that you had ants of the same species in the container, because they may have an "Ant War." Everytime I would go after an ant, Darius would gasp, "No. No. No. They are from a different species and they will fight each other and bite, bite bite." This made me laugh because he was just so serious about it. It says it will take about 24 hours for them to start making the tunnels.

We'll see if we accomplish another successful experiment at the Auguste household!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Is reading this blog like watching paint dry?

I knew in my brain that I had decided to paint the basement. The walls were white and not very inviting. Darius had written his name in crayon in one spot. It was time that this was done. On Tuesday night, I did a little taping and began painting with a brush around the edges of the door to see the color. I liked it and wanted to proceed. So, on my to-do list for Thursday was to paint a large portion of the basement.

I started early yesterday, around 9:30am. (Yes, that's early.) I painted the first coat by hand, with a brush. Yes, this was rather foolish, but it was like, I just kept going and didn't have the roller ready, etc... I took a break and let the first coat in the large wall dry.

I sat upstairs for a little while, contemplating if I should start the other large wall. I decided that I would wait and totally complete the first wall, put everything back where it was, and then if I was still energetic, I would move to the next wall.

I completed the first wall and was ready to move on to the next. It looks great. Significantly more inviting and warmer than before. Now my arms are another story. I have been telling Ewan that I would like to do some weights for my arms. (I used to be able to wear a tank top and not feel self-conscious about my arms, but the last year has done a number on me.) I know I should hit the gym, but I don't have time when I am doing things like painting my basement.

I told him this was my new solution. Just take up painting! Well, I will have to rethink that, but I would like my nice arms back!