Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shopping, Husbands, Sizes & Shoes

So, most women would probably prefer to shop for themselves, but I had a really great time shopping with my husband last night. I like to shop for him by myself, but it makes things difficult on final size/length decisions. Finding a 3XLT is not an easy feat. So, when you do find something, you almost have to not look at the price, and snatch it up! But, it makes for even more fun shopping when things are on sale, and then they are an extra 30% off AND you are actually able to find things in the right size. And the shoes, those are another story. Let's just say, you missed out a fun time.

Yesterday, Ewan and I were both off for a crazy morning with the kids. Darius' class was going to the KS History Museum and Sofia had visiting day at preschool. So, E and I both went to the museum, and then he split to go to Sofia's visiting day. The day started out very crazy because I was still waiting on approval to be off work. I was supposed to work 10:45am-2:45pm, and it took over a week to approve my time off. I learned my lesson trying to use some special time that I earned off (long story) and ended up having to make 2 trips home to enter the requests. Luckily, since I work from home, I was able to swing by and enter my requests and enjoy the day off with Daddy and Sofia.

So, after the crazy morning, we came home, sat on the couch and went back to work on Mario. It was great, but we were lazy! We had no real desire to go shopping in the freezing cold, but got a call from my Mom telling us about the great sale. So, we had no choice but to keep playing Mario until Darius got home, and then eventually get dressed and head for the mall. It was well worth the trip. We got out alone together, got some great clothes and had a little break from those kids we love so dearly. I always miss them, but am always so grateful for a little bit of time away from them.

As much fun as I had stacking up purchases for the man of the house, I may have to go and find some things for myself...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wedding Dress

Sofia was talking about my wedding day. She was saying that Grandma Pam and Nanny brought her and Darius to where her Daddy and I got married. She was quite sure this is how it went down.

After some conversation about this big wedding day, I asked her if Mommy was wearing a pretty dress or an ugly dress. (Why I would ask this, I will never know.) She tells me that it was a pretty dress, and then changed her mind to "a little bit ugly." I had to get to the bottom of this. I asked her why the dress was "a little bit ugly" and she said that it is because it was red, and not pink. And she likes pink better. Well, that settles that. Now, I am just trying to figure out where it is that she thinks her Daddy and I got married, and where I was wearing a red dress? Uh, this is going to bug me!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Itsa me, a-Mario! Imma back!!!

Super Mario has partially taken over our lives. Well, not literally, but we have been on a coin mission for the last week, avoiding the last of the Worlds. There has been a lot of yelling, laughing, crying, googling and just plain old family fun!

Darius somehow manages to scoop up all of the best powers to be had. He runs, jumps and sacrifices his lives, all just to be the first to get a coin or jump into a penguin suit. He is our fearless leader and afraid of nothing. Ewan and I get to sit back, shake our heads and say, "Really? Really? You did all of that just for a tiny yellow coin?" And, he says that he did it just for our own good.

Sofia is known as bubble girl. She loves to float along, and "play" the game along with us. Occasionally, she will venture out of her bubble to get some power, but likes to be cozy inside the comfort of her floating bubble.

Dad is the Savior. He comes along and cleans up the mess everyone else has left behind, or he is the only one who hasn't bubbled up, or gets a one up to bring everyone back. Thank goodness for the savior! Darius would be in a world of hurt without him!

I just have fun with it, but also stress out too much. I get super frustrated if we've been working on the same level for hours, making the same mistakes over and over. I guess if anything, it helps with dedication and not giving up?

Well, World 8 is waiting and I hear some going a-ringin' so... here I go!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Caribbean Night

Well, the first Caribbean Night of 2010 is scheduled for this evening. CN seems to gain more speed as each month goes by. I am always thinking up new recipes and things to be served and Ewan is the one that puts them into action.

Tonight, we have on the menu....Guiness Ice Cream. It was our first attempt ever at homemade ice cream and the Guiness part complicated it a bit. But, we didn't mind. We had fun reading the recipe and tripling it, and then doing everything backwards and trying to go back and clarify what we meant. It was quite entertaining.

Then, we had a run in with the actual ice cream freezer. The motor kept getting stuck and would quit turning, but in the end, it worked and we have our very first batch of homemade Guiness ice cream. Ewan told me that it didn't look quite right, that it's a little "browner" than in the Caribbean, and I had to remind him that we are not in the Caribbean. We are doing our best here!

Our wonderful sister-in-law contributed to this month's Caribbean Night. They made the trip from St. Lucia to New York and were gracious enough to provide the dried sorrel flowers needed to make a yummy Caribbean "fruity" drink. The kids had a great time helping with it and stirring it up. They even made a little video to send to Grandma ' Ronica.

Only problem this time....where's the food? It may just have to be pizza.

Now, you may wonder what actually goes on at Caribbean Night. I won't share all the details, but it involves a lot of laughing, dominoes, eating, playing the wii, kids running/crawling around, movies, music and FUN!