Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Flu Bug don't bother me!

Well, I am sure Darius had the Happiest Birthday ever yesterday! I was at work, and and pretty much glued to my phone. I don't receive calls at work, and I hadn't looked at my cell phone. Apparently, West Indianola was trying to get ahold of me because poor Darius was throwing up in the bathroom! Luckily, they reached Ewan, who took him to Sunflower Prompt Care. I could have told him that they wouldn't do anything for him, but at least he tried. Sure enough, they just sent him home and said lots of liquids. He was running a fever all night, and is home again today.

Around 8:15am, Sofia woke up throwing up all over her pillow. So, now I have two sick babies! Well, my oldest baby turned 7 yesterday!

Hopefully I can keep this flu at arm's length and it won't bother me. Just like everyone says, I don't have time to be sick! The house is still a wreck from the chaotic party!

Flu bug... don't bother me!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Party Pooper

Wow! The party is done and over, and, it was a little stressful. I hope the kids had fun, 'cause I sure felt like I was yelling a lot. It was Sooooooo noisy. The poor girls at the party kept nicely asking if I could quiet down the boys. My response? I would LOVE to!!! I knew the party would get out of control, because Dad let's Darius invite the whole world. I wanted to be able to include everyone that Darius wanted...girls, boys, Tiger Cubs, and soccer buddies, but we had a packed house! It actually wasn't as bad as it could have been. They were all just super excited. I told them that I wouldn't bring up talking sticks since they weren't at school! I am sure they were all thankful for that. :)

The little vampires were running all around. We decked them out with capes, teeth, vampire bites, white streaks in their hair. Pictures to follow.

They played Halloween pictionary. It was cute to see them concentrate on their drawings. They did a great job!

Today is another super busy day....soccer game, after soccer pizza party, then wedding reception! I am looking forward to a day when I can regroup and relax!!! When will that be?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Busy Week...Birthday party planning.

Well, things are in full swing at the Auguste household. Tiger Cubs, dance class, soccer practice, soccer games, birthday parties.... not many moments to rest around here lately.

Well, we all know from the last post that Darius was pretty pumped about skating, and had the fantastic idea to have a skating rink birthday party. We had quite the party planned... Costume Skating party for his birthday, and his guest list was at almost 40 kids. Things were getting a little out of control, but we thought it might be fun. He wanted to invite girls, boys, Tiger cubs, soccer buddies, etc... He was super excited. So, when we finally made the executive decision to go ahead with the party, it was booked already! I called over a month ahead, but someone else already snagged the date that we needed.

So, we almost nixed the party altogether, and in fact, Ewan and I decided that we would just let time go by and not bring up a party again. When I sort of told Darius that he wasn't going to have a birthday party, he was pretty distraught. So, I cooked up the Vampire Party.

We have an unfinished basement, so it's not like it's the funnest places to hang out. It's kind of dark and creepy, so the Halloween/Vampire/Bat theme is good. So, since the party is going to be at our house, I limited him to 12 BOYS. I wanted him to be able to invite girls, but he already wanted a bunch of boys, so it was just easier to leave girls out.

Anyway, tonight after some more discussion, he thought he had invited a few girls, and I told him that we hadn't. So, I promised him that I would get the invites out to them tomorrow.

Sorry to the soccer buddies that he wanted to invite! We're going to have to rent a wedding reception hall for his party next year! The boy loves a party, and doesn't want to leave anyone out!