Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Show me your muscles! Or your format.

When I dropped the kids off at Mom's yesterday, I sat down to watch some Teen Mom 2 with them. I kept watching, thinking to myself, man, I know they got a new TV with an awesome picture and all, but these people are larger than life. The show went on and I just thought maybe their TV was bigger than ours. Which, it's not, but I thought maybe they bought a bigger one and didn't tell me!

Then, The Biggest Loser came on and those people are already larger, so it was really hard to judge...until some words came up on the screen and we couldn't read them all. I sat up and said, "Where is your remote?" They quickly handed me the COX remote, and I of course had to explain to them that the COX remote wouldn't do me any good for the settings on the TV. All I had to do was find the Format button, push it a few times, and voilla'! Everyone seemed "normal" again. Those poor people trying to lose weight and my Mom and Grandma have been watching them all this time thinking they were just naturally super GIGANTIC!

They laughed and laughed, thanking me over and over again. They were wondering why all of those people's butt's were so broad, and why the Kardashian's looked like they had packed on some pounds. lol.

I was home painting tonight and got a phone call. They were watching the Oklahoma Thunder game and were disappointed to see that one of the new recruits just wasn't as "muscular" as they had seen him on the previous game. He was a skinny guy. Ha! I could go format the TV back so that he looks like he has more muscles for them. ;) I love those two!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

By Myself

Tonight I had taken the kids to my Mom's since they were anxious for a sleepover during Spring Break. E was out playing basketball so after I dropped them off, I would be going home...By Myself.

The last time I was at my Mom's and when E was out playing basketball, I said that I was going to go home and take a shower. My Mom wondered how I wasn't scared to take a shower when it was dark out and I was home alone. I guess I hadn't really thought about it, but of course, she made me think about it. I survived and no one came in and got me while I was in the shower.

Tonight, Sofia was on the floor, coloring a picture, minding her own business - or so I thought. (Kids hear everything and remember everything. It's amazing.) I said, "Well, I am going to go home and take a shower. By Myself." Sofia pipes in and says: "By Myself. (pause) All Day."

Luckily, Sofia didn't actually learn this from the KH DVD, but from her Dad. E has been going around saying this for the last few days. She may not even associate it with KH, but it was still hilarious! Of course Darius was the only other one in the house that got it. But, I knew it would give E a chuckle. And it did. :) These babies have seriously been keeping us entertained over the last few months! Thank you baby Jesus for these little blessings in my life!