Friday, September 25, 2009

Skating Party, Fall Down Party...whatever you wanna call it.

Can you believe it? A real post, by me!

Wow. I knew that people were busy with kids, and I really did avoid putting my kids in activities when they were very little, because I knew my time would come. And it's here. Being home in the evenings is a thing of the past, and boy do I miss it!

I was about to take another another activity for myself, but I just don't think I can do it.

At least I can say that I enjoy the activities, and as long as my kids are having fun, I guess I'm having fun!

The latest was the West Indianola skate party. Of course, I always debate whether or not to skate myself, and Sofia usually makes that decision for me. Not this time. About an hour into the party, I decided to go put on my skates. Once I got going, I wanted to keep skating. I didn't realize how hard it is to skate slow, but I was trying to help Darius. You can't really be much help when both of you are on wheels, and when one goes down, the other will too.

Ewan kept giving me flack because two little kids skated up to Darius and I and asked if they could join our group. I said "Sure." and somehow, everyone played musical skating people and I ended up holding the hand of everyone else, but my son. Darius went crying off to the side, left the rink and went to cry on someone's shoulder. (Yes, he's very dramatic.) I couldn't turn around and skate in the wrong flow of traffic to go tell him that the kids wouldn't let go of my hand. Seriously, this little boy was hanging on for dear life. I finally had to shake my hand on the second go around to get him to let go. I felt horrible, but Ewan was sitting on the side shaking his head at me.

I skated off, and asked him what in the world I was supposed to do. He kept shaking his head, telling me that he can't believe I would skate with those other kids and not my own son. He's not letting me live this down.

Anyway, it was not on purpose, but I went and got Darius and we finished off the night. We were the last ones on the rink, due to Darius pulling me down, and me landing on top of his crossed legs. I was sure that I could have easily snapped his leg in half, and I had to drag him off. He ended up with no broken bones, but now has decided he wants to have a Skating Party birthday bash extraordinare. (Current list looks like about 40 kids, which is why I wanted to avoid the whole shindig altogether.) We'll see about this.