Thursday, March 26, 2009

Okay, that's what I get...

for saying Topeka is only supposed to get an inch of snow!!!!

I read on WIBW's website that it will snow most of Saturday, and that we are looking at 4-8 inches of snow!! And the KSNT website says 3-6 inches, so I hope like many other times, those forecasters are WRONG!!! I definitely don't want any snow, but I guess if it will snow, it needs to be at least enough that there will be no soccer game.

And, ya hear interesting things from people around you when you are at work. They are saying that a man who is/was in prison, ate his eyeball. Okay, WOW. That's nice. Now back to work, only 13 more minutes to go.

Snow - no!

Aren't you so glad that I work at a job where sometimes I don't actually have to work. I only work when the phone rings. lol. It gives me more time to share here, on my very up-to-date blog.

So, I really don't remember when it has snowed in the Spring. But, we live in Kansas, so this shouldn't be a surprise. Can you believe there are areas in Kansas that are predicted to get up to 17 inches of snow!? What is that all about? Luckily, here in Top City, we are only looking at less than an inch, but there is a soccer game! I love to watch my son play soccer, but not in the snow! You can count me out for sure. Maybe I'll invite Victoria to the game!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Well, I am thankful for the small things right now. I am scheduled to be in a meeting from 12:45-1:15pm. The problem is, the meeting is for my old team, so because my schedule says that, I have to log out and pretend that I am in a meeting. Otherwise, I would put myself out of adherance! It's crazy. So, I am taking advantage of my meeting/break, and then I leave at the very end of my "meeting."

I have just been reading some posts by others on a board. It makes me thankful.

I am thankful.....

  1. That I don't have a husband who beats me.
  2. That I don't have a husband who drinks all the time. (Or ever for that matter)
  3. That I have a husband who enjoys going to church with me
  4. That I have a husband who enjoys going to the park as a family
  5. That I have a husband who is working so hard to support his family
  6. That I have a husband who is in school finishing his MBA.That I have a husband who is thankful for me. (or at least he tells me he feels lucky!)
  7. That I don't have a husband who is more concerned with the time he spends with his friends than his family.
  8. That I have a family that will always be there for me no matter what.
  9. That I am at work, not working. lol.
  10. That my kids are healthy.
  11. That the dental diagnosis was not cancer.
  12. That I only have to work part time, so that I can be with my kids.
  13. That I don't have to send my kids to daycare.
  14. That I am not the one in school. (Sorry E! I admire you though.)
  15. That my son has done such a great job learning to read, and has done so well in Kindergarten
  16. That God has blessed us with the ability to create new life.
  17. That God is there to listen when I question if he really is there.
  18. That I met someone in college who knew from the moment he saw me, that we would be together, and we still are.
  19. That I have a roof over my head.
  20. That even though we don't have everything at this point, we still like to try and put others first.
  21. That I have been given the grace to get through the difficult situations in my life.
  22. That I have shoes on my feet, even though the heels are broken off of both of my shoes.
  23. That I have enough money to buy more shoes, even though I already have a closet full of them.
  24. That at one point in my life, men could toss me over there heads and catch me.
  25. That I can be thankful for whatever I want. See above.
  26. That I was and am able to have children. They are such a gift.
  27. That I grew up in a Christian home, and strive to provide the same for my children.

When it rains, it POURS.

Now, these sayings usually come about for some reason. At my house, it rained, and then it poured. And, I don't mean literally. Let's rewind...

End of February, beginning of March. Okay, so I have discussed about going to the Dr., etc.. but let's just break it down.

Stephanie- woman Dr. ($25 copay)
Darius - Dr. for ear infection ($25 copay, plus rx for $100)
Sofia- had to see Dr. same day because Dr. thought she looked bad too. (Addn'l copay $25)
Stephanie- sudden ear stabbing, must see Dr. ($25, plus rx for $15)
Stephanie- antibiotics gave another type of infection. You figure it out. ($25 copay, plus rx for $5)
Darius- rash all over legs and body, plus ear still plugged ($25 copay, luckily, no meds needed)
Darius & Sofia- Dentist. ($370 cash)

We are at $640 extra expenses here. Shall I continue?

Ewan car repairs ($1200.00)
Darius- the dental work needed by 4/27 ($1181.00)

For a grand total of an additional .................$3021.00 expenses in a 4 week period.

Oh, and walking in to work today, the heel broke off my shoe, and has 3 screws sticking out of the bottom. All I could do was break the heel off the other shoe. I am officially screwed. All I can do is laugh about it.

I turn to this song that I listened to growing up in these difficult times...

Cares Chorus by Kelly Willard

I cast all my cares upon You,
I lay all of my burdens down at Your feet.
And any time I don't know just what to do,
I will cast all my cares upon You.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Prayer Requests

So, you know how at most churches, you can jot down a prayer request? Well, I decided in church on Sunday, that I need to start writing down what I need to pray for. It's like, Oh, yeah, I would love to pray about that for you, but when my list is like 20 things, I really can't remember all of that. I hope that doesn't come across as insensitive, or not paying attention, but I really can't remember it all, and I want to pray about all of it.

I mean, do people really get out a list, and check things off in their prayer? I don't think so, but I can't think of another way to pray about everything, and not end up praying a prayer that basically asks God to remember himself about all of the things I am praying about. I am working on this. I will come up with some realistic solution. I'll pray about that! lol.

Growing Crystals...

Well, since the kids are into doing experiements, I bought them a kit where you can grow crystals. We were at Michaels and Darius wanted some Crayola 3-D kit that was $20 and I knew it really wouldn't excite him that much, so I encouraged the cheaper, more interesting Crystal growing kit.

Well, now that Spring Break is over, Darius is excited about going back to school. He woke up this morning, ready to tell all of his friends that he is growing crystals. I hope those kids don't go home to their parents and say that he is growing Crystals. Hopefully they will know that it is not crystal meth or something like that! I feel like the world's worst Mom for not getting someone over to come play with Darius. He was so good, and I did try once. His friend was going out of town with his Mom to visit one of her friends. He was disappointed, but it wasn't as dramatic as past episodes.

I am going to the store this afternoon to buy all of the necessary supplies to make some delicious Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. Ewan said that he would make some for work, but he has class tonight, and soccer practice tomorrow night, so I thought if mine passed, he could take them and share them at work. Hopefully I can out-do his, which are pretty good!

Looks like we are in for some storms this evening. I need to get on it with cleaning out the downstairs closet. (That is our storm shelter) Being in the basement alone isn't safe enough, we have to take shelter in the closet. (See previous blogs about my fear of tornadoes) Can you believe I don't have a weather radio? But, I do have it set up to receive text messages from WIBW and am always informed of potential severe weather. However, if I happen to receive on of these messages while I am at work, and my family is all over Topeka, i.e.. Ewan at class, Darius at school, Sofia at Nanny's, my Mom at the mall, it is likely that there will be a nervous breakdown. See, there are no basements in any of these places. I am home the most since I only work 20 hours a week. I would be safe, at home, with a basement, but all I can think about it it the fact that no other location that any of my family would be at has a basement, and there is nothing I can do about it.

No reason to keep rambling on about it, 'cause it isn't gonna change, but I do pray about it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

We've Got To... Work! Work! Work This Out!

Okay, so enough HSM songs... I am needing some new motivational songs for my ipod. I have been diligently spending time on the elliptical. 40 minutes each two days in a row, and plan to face the machine again tonight...and tomorrow... and probably Sunday. Maybe I will give myself a day off.

I find with the right music, I can really get going and burn some calories. Now, I was really disappointed in all of the peanut M&M's I ate yesterday, especially because I don't even really care for peanut M&M's!! But, they were there, and Sofia kept spilling them, and I kept on eating them. Nothing like eating M&M's while you are laying in your son's bed. (Hey, it's a queen size bed, with a TV in the room, and I was trying to relax) Ewan and I got rid of the TV in our room months ago. We tried to turn it into a peaceful haven, but I am not sure how that is working out for us. It still seems to get loaded with papers that need to be filed, or toys that get dragged in one way or another. But, I am working on it.

So, I am on my search for some new, heart-pumping, elliptical, calorie-burning, songs!

Oh yes, it's Ladies Night!

Well, I am currently in the process of planning an official Ladies Night. The girls from my past two jobs and I got together on St. Patrick's Day for the celebration of "another one bites the dust" at the dental office we worked for. The Ladies Night was born. The first Tuesday night of every other month will be the night to spend at El Mezcal. I am putting together the invitations, and making this OFFICIAL!

Oh yes, it's Ladies Night! Oh what a night!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Patience is a Virtue

I need to take a time out this Monday morning and thank God for everything I have and who he has made me today. There are are times in my life when I wonder if I am doing everything he intended me to do, and why I am where I am today. Then I stop, and realize how lucky I truly am. I am married to a man that loves me for me, and I love him back, for who he is. He is one incredible Dad and works extremely hard. Who else works so hard, goes back to school to get their MBA, and doesn't complain when they are still working in an internship! And, I might mention that he usually gets straight A's! His goal is to have a 4.0 in the MBA program. He has done everything to provide for his family, and there is a reason that things happen the way they do. If there is one thing I have learned over the past 5 years, it's... patience.

Today's calendar says...
Belonging to a local church body is vital for spiritually healthy couples. In the Bible, Christians are never portrayed as independent entities, but as essential "parts" of the larger body of Christ.

I am thankful to have such a wonderful church that we attend together, as a family, every Sunday. We may not be too involved outside of Sunday services, or know everyone there, but we know that every Sunday, we can go there, and take a full hour to praise God and thank him for everything he has done and given us. We are definitely a couple who has overcome adversity and I am very proud of our accomplishments individually and as a couple. We are happy to be on this journey together and I will be eternally grateful for being able to develop this kind of love for someone.

Who would have thought that I, being from Topeka, KS and never living anywhere else in my life, would marry someone from another country! But hey, I love him and that is what matters. We will celebrate our 6 yr. anniversary on July 3rd, and I can't wait for the fireworks!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Update

Well, it was a productive and fun weekend. Unexpected company always makes for a nice surprise. They also served as some additional fans for Darius first big soccer game of the season. The boys had a great time playing, which is Ewan's ultimate goal.

We were excited to have a visit from my Uncle Dusty, cousin Heather, and her son Brayden. We also go to spend some time with their new puppy, Logan. Sofia especially enjoyed herself with Logan. She was pretty worried about what he was doing most of the time.

We got some time in at the park, did some big time grocery shopping for the week. I know the kids will be home all week driving me nuts about what to eat since it is Spring Break. We stocked up and are ready for a new week.

Why don't adults have Spring Break? I keep feeling like I am about to be on Spring Break, but that is simply not the case. Unfortunately, tomorrow is a new day at work. :( At least I only work until 11am, so I can't complain too much. My new shifts will start on April 12th, and I will at least have 1 extra day off in the week since all of the options are 4 days a week. It will be interesting to see what I am stuck with this time.

Have a great Spring Break! I am sure that it will go much faster than everyone wants.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Drive me crazy!!!!!!

What a week! But TGIF! So, this week was Darius' first soccer practice. It wasn't really a practice, but more of a quick get together, and discuss practice times. Long story short, this is how my day went Wednesday....

Woke up and went to work at 9:15am. Sofia gets out of preschool at 2:45, so I went to get her around 2:30pm and between the time I was waiting for her and the time she actually came out, I went from just fine (aside from lots of snot for the past week) to feeling like someone stabbed me in my ear.

I knew at that point, that it would be a long night. I had exactly one hour to get to a Dr. and get home to get Darius off the bus. I called Sunflower Prompt Care and they said that they had no patients, so Sofia and I sped there, and they got me in after about a half an hour. So, sure enough... ear infection. Now, I had the prescription, but was going to have to make time to get it, since picking up Darius was next, then soccer, then the skating party.

Sofia and I drove home with about ten minutes to spare to get Darius off the bus. He got home, and I loaded him into the car, to head to the pharmacy.

I get a call from my Mom that Grant was looking for a ride home, and since I was headed to the pharmacy across from the mall, I thought I could squeeze that in. They couldn't find him after he was in her store. I went to the pharmacy and that took about an hour. I had about 5 extra minutes, and did a swoop around the mall to see if Grant was outside the mall since I was headed right in his direction, near his home.

Well, no luck there, but as I was driving to soccer, I noticed that my gas light came on. I figured right then was as good a time as any, so headed to the gas station. After waiting forever there, we hurried out to make it to soccer on time. I was in the turn lane with one person in front of me. Their car slowly started to roll backwards and I figured that it was just a stick shift and they would stop at any moment. Um, nope. Sure enough, their car rolled right into my van. The man got out. I stood up, and looked at him. He looked at me, almost as if implying that I ran into him. He didn't say one word. Finally, I said,"You just let your car roll into my van." He got in his car and drove off. Luckily, no damage. I just sped away and glared at him.

Off to soccer. That was short and sweet. Next up, the skating party. Ewan had a meeting with someone from his group at school. So, it was up to me to juggle the kids at the party. Of course we blew way too much money on blinking pacifiers, Nachos, pop and spray candy. Ewan ended up there near the end, and then we went to dinner.

Can you say CRAZY DAY!!!???

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You really CAN quit drinking Diet Coke without rehab!

Well, it seems like it's been awhile since I posted. It was kind of a busy week last week. I started a new diet, or no, a lifestyle change. No sweets, sugar, and NO DIET COKE. Can you believe that it has been ONE WEEK today since I last had a Diet Coke. I am talking NONE. Not one drop. Not one can. Not one splurge. It is very hard to believe that I could accomplish this, because before, I would have told you that I needed to go to a rehab clinic in order to deal with the withdrawal. (I am sure that some of you have experienced withdrawal headaches, and they are NOT fun. )

The first day was the worst, but it usually goes way beyond that. This is the longest I have ever gone without Diet Coke. Even when I was in St. Lucia for two weeks, I found a way to get some Diet Coke. On Wednesday last week, I was driving and thinking I shouldn't be, since the headache felt like someone was ramming a steel rod between my eyes. (How bad is it that pop will do that to you!!??) After that, no real headaches. A few faint ones randomly, but I have survived. I believe that if I oculd get through the first week, I can make it. I haven't set any time frame of how long I will go without drinking it. Maybe forever. We'll see.