Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Life is what happens to you, while you are busy making other plans.

Well, I spent the evening last night baking cupcakes for Sofia's school program today. I woke up early to get them frosted, got Darius ready for school. Now I am taking a few minutes to myself in order to prepare for the day. I have to get Sofia ready for preschool, prepare her teachers gifts, remember to bring the cupcakes, drop her off, run some errands, go back to the preschool to watch the program, come home and get the kids outfits together for pictures tonight. What was I thinking!? As if December isn't busy enough? I decide to have their pictures taken on December 17th. That's super. I am sure we will make it through.

Darius is learning to read, and it is fun to watch him grow in the process. He really knows how to sound out words, and can read so many things at this point. He sounds everything out carefully, thinks about it, and then puts it all together. Ewan is so patient with him, and really helping him out. I really appreciate that, because Darius isn't too interested in me helping him in that department. He would rather come to me to help him make some crafty things, ask me for the glue and do fun things. Ewan can be stern and strict with him, and make sure that he gets the job done. I wish I had that capability. I have tried, but, with little success. Darius has a new favorite book. Casey and Derek on Ice. Another thing I had to add to his Christmas list, since this copy will soon have to be returned to the library. Sofia's newest fav is Three Nasty Gnarlies. It is a quite amusing tale about three nasty gnarlies who learn that beauty isn't what it is all about. Great lesson, and funny too!

I just got my new schedule, which, I have mixed feelings about. I am a little frustrated since I will be going from working only 3 days a week, to working 5 short days a week. On the plus side, I will be done everyday by 11am. That has to be good. I should definitely be able to make dinner every night. I am looking forward to that. I won't have to rush out of work on the days that I do work. I have been having to fly to my Grandma's to get Sofia in enough time to get home for the bus. It's been a little chaotic.

I enjoyed a fabulous dinner at New City Cafe for my 29th birthday. I can't believe I am 29. No, I can't believe that on my next birthday, I will be 30! That is just hard to believe. It really doesn't bother, as I am happily married with 2 beautiful children, so I will be in good company. It doesn't matter what age I am. As long as we can spend the years to come together, bring on the wrinkles!

Thanks for listening. No real substance to write about today, but wanted to share my day. Hopefully it will be a great one! Sofia needs to wake up so we can get a start on this crazy day!

Monday, December 15, 2008

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!

Another day down at the Auguste household. Today, I enjoyed laughing at Darius as I discovered he was applying lip gloss to Sofia's finger nails. (He thought it was nail polish!) It was quite amusing. I find myself running around like a crazy person. People in Wal-Mart probably thought I was going to run them down with my cart, but hey, you can't leave your son stranded on the bus. You have to be home or the bus driver won't leave him. (That's a good thing, I guess.) Well, I need to wrap up the night. Darius is busy trying to pull a lose tooth. There's a little blood, so I better be ready to assist! Good night!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Santa Claus' is comin' to town!

I am counting down the days until Christmas, as the kids are driving me silly when it comes to Christmas and presents. Ewan keeps reminding me what Christmas is really about, as if I don't already know. We were reminded in church this morning about the true meaning of Christmas. What we got out of that, is that... God is with us. Simply stated. When it comes to life, Christmas or any situation, God is with us. Remember that through all of these times of stress, and the holiday parties, extra money being spent on Christmas presents and trying to find time to get everything done. It can be done! God is with us. Tomorrow starts a new week, closer to Christmas! I am ready to wrap up the holiday season, as most of Darius and Sofia's presents are already wrapped. I can't wait to see the joy in their faces when they see what Santa brought. Yes, Ewan. Santa does not truly exist, but the magic of Christmas does. It doesn't mean that I don't know the true meaning of Christmas. We will plan a great family Christmas, including presents and food, and the main ingredient will be...the true Christmas story. (Along with a viewing of The Christmas Story, a holiday favorite.) Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

What a great weekend, and definitely a long one at that. Since I only work 4 days a week, this has been a 4 day weekend! We have enjoyed lots of relaxing and movie watching. I think Transformers is on upstairs for about the third time. We've been through Caillou, Curious George, a little bit of Herbie, 21, Man vs. Wild and Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. Cox On Demand can be damaging since it doesn't require a trip to the video store. No big plans for this Labor Day. Our day for the past few years has consisted of containing many Washburn basketball players, but I think we are finally getting our life back and will no longer be hosting. It's our turn to relax and not do the entertaining. Hopefully things are on track. We are definitely ready for a change and are headed in the right direction. So, Labor Day today is the opposite for us. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to my MarioKart race on the Wii!