Friday, December 28, 2012


I find it funny that my very last post was from January 2012. Apparently, the entire year went by without anything happening worth blogging about. Nope. Mostly just email address changes and passwords that I couldn't remember. I gave up. But, I am back for 2013. I probably shouldn't say that, considering that I can't back it up.

I cannot believe how quickly the year flew by. The kids are well into the school year. Sofia turned 7 in August and is in 2nd grade. Darius turned 10 in October and is in 4th grade.  They are so much fun and we love to go to all of their sporting events. They both play soccer and basketball. However, basketball is Darius' favorite and soccer is Sofia's favorite.  I like them both. I have learned to love soccer almost as much as basketball, mostly because I have witnessed some pretty good games!  There is a lot more scoring in basketball, but soccer can get pretty intense!

We traveled to St .Lucia this past August to attend Ewan's Grandmother's funeral. It was definitely a bittersweet trip, but we all enjoyed the time there and look forward to our next visit. Hard to believe that I will be on my 4th trip there! The kids have been twice now. We are kind of on the 5 year plan as it sort of happened by accident that we have been there 2001, 2007 and 2012, so we are on target to go in 2017. Kind of freaks me out that the kids will be 12 and 15 then! Wow! Not ready to go there just yet.

Christmas this year was a great time since we had Grandma Vero with us. (Veronica is Ewan's Mother)  She visited for the week and will return home tomorrow morning. The time literally flew by.The kids have enjoyed having her here and I am sure she has enjoyed her relaxation.

I hope that everyone had a blessed Christmas and is looking forward to 2013 as much as I am. 2012 has been a rough year. Not for me personally, but for many people around me. Friends and family faced lots of difficult times and rough patches and I only pray that this made everyone stronger and even more ready to bring on the New Year.  I know that life can't be "peachy" all the time, but I just want everyone to be happy!

Well, I am off to help Sofia with another Duck Tape Project. So far we have completed 2 purses, one for her and one for cousin Morgane, as well as a very intricate women's wallet, and a pencil pouch.  I was pretty proud of my work on the wallet. The 9 minute tutorial took me 2 hours, but Sofia says the finished product "was worth it!" So, I guess that means she approves of my work!  It is hard to let her try and make the stuff because the duck tape isn't cheap and it is easy to get it stuck to each other or accidentally fold the tape.  She is going at it now, so I will just supervise this time. :)

Thanks for reading and I will try and do better about keeping those far away up to date with what is going on with the Kansas Auguste's.